We Do It For Our Kids! Black Fathers Now! x #FatherhoodIsLit

Season 3, Episode 96,   Feb 02, 2022, 11:00 AM

Conversations help us grow and when we grow our kids grow with us!

This week I wanted to jump on a call with my friend Mike Dorsey of the Black Fathers Now community to share some of our conversation in a new series called: We Do It For Our Kids!

Doing it for your kids might look different but we all do it because we care. Tune in to hear some of the things we talked about like not being perfect all the time and finding spots within our everyday lives that we can use to educate our kids without being that annoying old head DAD!

Gems were dropped between great friends, now you can learn from them as well! Lets get it!

Blog & Show Notes: We Do It For Our Kids!