88: Chemmy Alcott on 'Ski Sunday' & Beijing 2022 plus Grindelwald & Yad Moss

Feb 04, 2022, 09:17 AM

In Episode 88, special guest Chemmy Alcott takes us behind the scenes of ‘Ski Sunday’ and the BBC’s Beijing Olympics coverage. We also discuss Grindelwald, Yad Moss, how to choose a ski helmet and there’s our usual round up of snow reports from across Europe.

Iain was joined by 4-time Olympian & BBC Ski Sunday presenter, Chemmy Alcott and industry expert Rob Stewart, as well as regulars, Katie Crowe from Battleface Travel Insurance and equipment guru Al Morgan from SkiKitInfo.com

Thanks to Switzerland Tourism for sponsoring the podcast. Switzerland remains the simplest country to go to if you have kids in tow, with no extra rules in place for the u16s and no tests required (for fully vaccinated passengers) on arrival.

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This is Chemmy’s great quote: 

"Skiing is a perfect sport for this type of personal growth: everyone falls; it is the picking oneself up & trying again that is the win"

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Thanks again to Switzerland Tourism for sponsoring the show. In our next episode we'll be discussing Crans Montana and Gstaad.