Vocabulary of Two Important Spine Positions | Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee | Traditional Bikram Yoga 90-minute Hot Yoga Class | Water the Plant and Let It Be | Awareness of Unhelpful Irrelevant Questions! |

Season 5, Episode 5,  Mar 08, 12:20 PM

We visit some questions of terminology and vocabulary in this 90-minute traditional Bikram Yoga Class, plus some amazing exploration of the way the mind often works....

1) When we decompress the spine in Stretching Pose, Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose, and Hands to Feet pose, we can use the term "Stretching" consistently.  This also applies to postures beyond the 26, such as Upward Stretching, Separate Leg Stretching, etc.

However, when we bring the Forehead to the Knee, we use the term "Head to Knee" in the posture title.  This refers to flexion of the spine  This movement applies to Rabbit Pose, Head to Knee Pose, Standing Head to Knee Pose, and Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose.

We do not have any postures where both "Stretching" and "Head to Knee" are in the name, because they are referring to two different movements/positions of the spine.

2) We also practice realizing when we have unhelpful abstract questions happening during yoga practice....and what to do about them.

3) Let us water our plants and let them be!

4) And explore the many layers or levels of growth possible....as you know, this is WAY BEYOND a "stretching" class.

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