How to Un-Limit Your Yoga Class | At Least 7 Things That Yoga Class Is |

Season 5, Episode 6,  Mar 21, 11:11 AM

One of the most common mistakes of the mind and spirit that we make about yoga: we believe that yoga class is supposed to be a *certain* thing.  

We decide - not purposefully or consciously - that it is supposed to be a certain, specific, controlled (i.e. limited) experience.

But here are 7 things that yoga practice most certainly is (and there are SO MANY more possibilities!)

(Please be prepared for an ALL-CAPS shout out at the end of this list!): 

1. Yoga class is - some days - the only place to find a little bit of peace and normal breathing, or maybe some much-needed tears, when trauma / shock / grief / loss defines the day and world around us. 

2.  Yoga class is - some days - starting the work of deep cleaning a haunted mansion full of stress and habits.

3.  Yoga class is - some days - maintaining energy, strength, aliveness, and joy in our systems.

4.  Yoga class is - some days - the ONLY 90 minutes in the past 24 hours where you were not in pain (or in 60% less pain even!) from your broken vertebrae / muscle spasm / inflammation / post-surgery thing / chronic pain / sprain.  

5.  Yoga class is - some days - the only times your mind stops running its script of non-present-moment thoughts...the only time your system gets a break from the usual anxious or depressed habits.

6. Yoga class is - some days - moving a body part that has been sleeping and half-dead and stiff for a month / year / decade.  Thank goodness for the opportunity.

7. Yoga class is - some days - building strength and energy at such an exciting pace we want to shout it out to everyone! 


What else is yoga for you?

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Recording from Feburary 13, 2022
Bikram Yoga Capital Area
East Lansing, Michigan