Enhanced Optometric Services - Part 1 (Wales & England)

Episode 17,  Feb 22, 2022, 09:00 AM

The four nations of the UK each have their own Enhanced Optometric Services. This is the first of two episodes which explore how these pathways benefit patients, practitioners and the NHS. In this episode, Michelle Hanratty discusses the Enhanced Optometric Services in Wales with Clare Pearce, an optometrist based in Cardiff and in England with Kevin Liu, an IP optometrist based in Greater Manchester. We also hear about the experience of Ffion, who used the Wales Eye Care Service (WECS) due to a foreign body incident while playing at school. Ffion’s mother, Ruth, discusses their experience after using the service.

All GOC-registered optometrists can gain 1 CPD point by listening to this podcast and completing the exercise on our website. This episode covers the GOC domains: Professionalism, Clinical Practice and Independent Prescribing. Docet - dedicated to providing high quality, continuing professional development to all UK registered optometrists.