Melissa in the Morning: Understanding Narcan

Feb 22, 2022, 03:04 PM

1. We continue the conversation about the war against fentanyl, but this time we focused on the use of narcan. Immediate Past President of the CT Pharmacists Association, Rob Picone, talked about naran doses, who needs access to it and explained the Good Samaritan Law. ((00:10))
2. Senator Blumenthal co-sponsored a bill to put more protections in place for kids on social media. Krista Carnes talked about the effectiveness and gaps with this proposed bill. ((14:51))
3. The Religious News Service singled out Trinity Episcopal Church and its trailblazing Trinity Spiritual Center in Southport, CT. Director of the center, Mark Grayson, told us the purpose about this center and what got it started in 2021. ((28:28))

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