Money Mindset Makeover

Episode 24,   Mar 01, 2022, 08:00 AM

Join Signe for a Therapy Rocks! conversation with Jessie Susannah Karnatz, author of Money Magic: Practical Wisdom and Empowering Rituals to Heal Your Finances.

Jessie Susannah walks through the importance of a self awareness audit to get a clearer picture of where we “currently” are in regards to our relationship to money, identifying your true financial desires and actionable steps to refine them into real-life goals. 

Jessie Sussanah brings capitalism-critical, shame-free education to healers, hustlers, and creatives in order to catalyze change in their financial lives. She believes healing our finances will bring blessing to our lives, our lineages, and our communities. She offers education, Money Magic products and Intuitive Financial Coaching online and in the Bay Area (unceded Ohlone land) and does it all with impeccable business lady style.

To learn more about Jessie Susannah visit and follow her on Instagram @money.witch.