How Creativity Rules the World

Episode 345,   Mar 04, 2022, 08:00 AM

Maria Brito started her career as an attorney. She grew up in a household that believed the best way to make money was to become a professional. Once she graduated and started working in law, she realized she couldn’t do that work. 

She hated every single minute that she spent at the law firm. The final straw came when she had her first child and the thought of going back devastated her. 

When she was a kid she was always writing plays and creating exciting new worlds. Maria wanted to be involved in the arts somehow. She started following the art world and figured out exactly what she wanted to do. 

Now Maria helps art collectors procure special pieces and consults on how to create art catalogs and more. 

Every single time she has made gains in her business or found that something was working, it was when she was leaning into her creativity. Without creativity, progress stops. 

Listen as Maria shares her story and why she’s so passionate about helping others find and use their own creativity.

Show Notes:
  • [02:05] Welcome Maria Brito to the show and learn how she got started down her path. 
  • [04:53] How she became an entrepreneur. 
  • [07:25] The difference between the art world 13 years ago and now. 
  • [10:01] Why her business has been successful. 
  • [11:52] What skills or traits has she honed to be able to move forward with confidence? 
  • [14:02] Learn how she uses her intuition to make decisions. 
  • [17:57] The biggest takeaways she wants readers to receive when reading her book. 
  • [20:13] How do we find the time to create? 
  • [23:00] “If you stop ideas you stop progressing.”
  • [24:04] Ways she recommends people overcome their creative blocks. 
  • [28:18] Her advice for raising your creative bar. 
  • [31:08] Connect with Maria
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