The Harms: Episode 1 - Meet Carson Bride

Mar 05, 2022, 03:11 PM

The Harms: Episode One - Meet Carson Bride. Now a powerful advocate and voice for those who have been Cyber-Bullied, Carson's mother, Kristin Bride is speaking out against the dangers of anonymous apps and holding big tech accountable for irresponsible actions. Kristin's strength and dedication to making real change is inspiring.

The H A R M S - Unthinkable Stories Big Tech Doesn't Want to Tell. 

In this three-part series in partnership with the Screen Time Action Network, host Joni Siani shares the heartbreaking stories of beautiful young lives who paid the ultimate price for simply being a typical teen participating in Social Media and life's new norms.  From Snap Chat to Tik Tok, big tech portrays these multi-billion dollar industries as "fun new ways for people to connect" without full disclosure of the harmful elements.  A lack of education and public awareness, most parents have no idea how their kids are "experiencing" their online lives.  These eye-opening episodes are a must-listen for every parent, educator and legislative leader as a call to action. We hope that once you learn about what your kids are actually experiencing, you will be moved to join us. 

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