The Harms: Episode Three - Meet Becca Schmill

Mar 05, 2022, 03:26 PM

The Harms: Episode Three - Meet Becca Schmill. How is it possible for drug dealers to advertise their services on social media, right next to products from the biggest corporations in the country?  How has this been an ongoing practice, responsible for the deaths of teens all over the world with barely any awareness?  Deb Schmill shares the heartbreaking story of her daughter Becca who, like thousands of other teens just like her, got caught up in a digital world beyond any parent’s comprehension. 

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The H A R M S - Unthinkable Stories Big Tech Doesn't Want to Tell. 

In this three-part series in partnership with the Screen Time Action Network, host Joni Siani shares the heartbreaking stories of beautiful young lives who paid the ultimate price for simply being a typical teen participating in Social Media and life's new norms.  From Snap Chat to Tik Tok, big tech portrays these multi-billion dollar industries as "fun new ways for people to connect" without full disclosure of the harmful elements.  A lack of education and public awareness, most parents have no idea how their kids are "experiencing" their online lives.  These eye-opening episodes are a must-listen for every parent, educator and legislative leader as a call to action. We hope that once you learn about what your kids are actually experiencing, you will be moved to join us. 

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