Work / Life Balance & Burnout - Solo Episode

Episode 5,   Mar 08, 2022, 10:22 AM

In this episode we’re diving into the topic of burnout and ways to achieve a work / life balance. Burnout is extremely common in this day and age and has almost become normalized in our constant connected world. Particularly in the entrepreneurship industry, the pressure to succeed is high. There tends to be a heavy focus on work, which can result in higher levels of stress. 

Leslie and Marissa go over the tell tale signs of burnout and how to prevent the spiral from happening. By sharing their personal experiences with burnout, L+M discuss how stress can manifest in emotional and physical ways, setting too high of expectations and noticing when it all comes to  a breaking point. They also share new hobbies they’ve developed to shift focus away from work. 

We also dive deep on: 
  • Creating boundaries and separation with creativity / work 
  • Measuring self-worth with success of projects 
  • Feeling unproductive while not working 
  • Importance of rest 
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