Becoming A B-Corp

Episode 12,   Mar 10, 2022, 09:30 AM

Following on from EP11, which featured the BCorp concept, this episode explores the processes that companies of all stages can follow to become a BCorp themselves and join this important movement towards sustainable business.

Gareth speaks with Graham Gillen, founder of Eccountinc, and a B-Leader who assists companies across the UK and Republic of Ireland in pursuing and achieving B-Corp status.   Graham shares his insights on the processes available to both established and early-stage businesses, and gives some examples of sustainable companies he has helped become B-Corps, together with their compelling reasons for doing so.

The following are mentioned in this episode :

And for founders of startups who are seeking to incorporate with B-Corp-ready Articles of Association, etc, an example platform that simplifies this process can be found at :

Graham can be contacted via LinkedIn or via email to