Azov Battalion & Ukrainian Nationalism

Season 1, Episode 10,   Mar 14, 2022, 04:06 PM

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The Azov Battalion Is a controversial Special Operations Detachment of the Ukrainian National Guard. Its membership includes neo-Nazis and other extremists. This video delves into the history of Ukrainian nationalism, regional history, various perspectives on the current Ukrainian-Russian conflict and relations. Topics examined include post-Soviet Ukraine, Orange Revolution, Maidan protests and Revolution of Dignity. Within these discussions the evolution of far-right Ukrainian is traced beginning with Patriots of Ukraine and ending with formation of the Azov Battalion. US-Canadian involvement will be analyzed as well as the future of Ukrainian domestic policy and foreign relations. 

Time stamp estimates:
0:00 Overview
2 min Geography of Conflict/Azov Battalion Origin
5 min Russian Perspective
12 min US Perspective
13 min Internet/Other Perspectives
16 min History of Region/Ukrainian Nationalism
18 min WWI-WWII (Ukrainian nationalist support for Central European powers, Ukrainian War for Independence, Ukrainian Collaboration with Nazi forces, Soviet rule)
22 min Holodomor (Ukrainian Famine) Post-Soviet Independence, Orange Revolution
25 min Patriots of Ukraine, Svoboda, Right Sector
32 min EuroMaidan protests, Revolution of Dignity, Breakaway republics
51 min Azov Battalion forms
52 min - Andriy Biletsky describes Azov formation
55 min Reporting on Azov Battalion, Interviews
59 min Azov Regiment joins Ukrainian National Guard
1:04 US Involvement
1:07 The Jerusalem Post/Haaretz
1:12 Conclusions