Rightwing Conspiracies: From the Bible to Jan 6.

Season 1, Episode 25,   Feb 06, 2023, 04:18 PM

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This video delves into the origins of modern rightwing conspiracy by examining the historical foundations for which they are based upon. I make the argument that conspiracy has long since merged with social, paramilitary and political manifestations on the right. The root of this world view is found within antisemitism. The Christian Identity movement is vital for understanding messages of "small government" and "low taxes" as key players "specifically William Potter Gale" leveraged historical antisemitic conspiracy in creating new organizations from the 1950's-1980's. In that period of time anti-communism, desegregation and tax protest were merged with conspiracies that had previously been relegated to small Christian Identity congregations. I argue that it is from this era "Specifically 1950's-1970's" modern MAGA style Republicans draw from. This video bridges the gap between the proto-militias and political organizations from that time period to the Patriot and Militia movements of the 1990's. These movements later influenced a revival of militias and populism from the right in the form of the Tea Party movement and creation of the Oath Keepers. This political legitimizing of extremism made MAGA and ultimately Jan. 6th possible. The conspiracies that were initially developed from individuals such as Bill Gale have become populist, mainstream language for the right and certain aspects of the internet left (Dirt bag left, anti-imperialists) 

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