The Nowhere Office

Mar 15, 2022, 10:47 AM

Julia Hobsbawm OBE is a British entrepreneur, writer and public speaker on Social Health, Simplicity in a Complex World, and the future of the workplace post-pandemic. She coined the phrase "The Nowhere Office" (and authored book of the same name) to describe the hybrid work era.

As remote working becomes the norm rather than the exception for many office workers around the globe, The Nowhere Office proposes a radical new way of thinking about work both now and in the future. Offering a strategic and practical guide to negotiating this pivotal moment in the history of work, The Nowhere Office addresses the problems which beset work - the endemic stagnant productivity and crisis of stress which predate the pandemic.

Drawing on history, cutting-edge research and extensive interviews Julia Hobsbawm argues persuasively that now is the time to develop something better, more meaningful, and, crucially, more workable.

Listen in as Michael Creamer and Julia Hobsbawm discuss the new challenges of remote working, repurposing offices for more creative interaction, managing WFH teams and satisfying the demand for more purposeful work with greater work/life balance.

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