Journaling to Manifest Your Best Life

Episode 308,   Mar 17, 2022, 05:26 PM

Steven and Meg discuss the mood of a place, the temperament weather that is. Steven and Meg dig deeper into the wisdom of insightful Journaling.  Steven says, “Keeping a kinetic belief log book guides you to cast down negative thoughts and maintain your purposefully good intentions. A guided journal process tacks you through life to un-become the substance of influencers while advancing your mind, body and soul toward perfected completion. Anybody that struggles with stress, depression, or anxiety, keeping a kinetic belief journal turns their life around. The log book attracts authority to re-gain control of your emotions and it vastly improves mental health. The course for dealing with any overwhelming emotion is through the motion of kinetic belief journaling which automatically recalibrates the sense and wonder for living life. 
Every single person was created in the image of the Creator with an ability to attract whatever is expected. Good or bad.  Most people simply hope something good will happen.  Nothing just happens. To change things according to your good, original purpose, the law of attraction responds to meditative thoughts. Kinetic belief Journaling gets rid of anxiety, reduces stress, it completely ends depression by replacing it with optimistic happiness.”

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