Ep88 - Samantha Hornsby & Mae Yip - Eric

Season 3, Episode 88,   Mar 18, 2022, 06:00 AM

We are back for Series 3 and are delighted to welcome both Samantha Hornsby and Mae Yip as our first guests after quite a lengthy hiatus.

Sam & Mae are both the co-founders of Eric - whose offering has evolved over the past few years but is currently taking shape in app form. The Eric app (download here: IOS or Android)  is a hot house of hot house of all the best career advice. Beneficial to all, but with a prime focus on providing 16-25 year olds with little to no experience and with career advice and guidance. It is awesome!

In this episode they share how they were originally guided away from creative careers, but found themselves distracted in the roles they took on early in their careers so decided to ditch them, join forces and found their own company - LY London and eventually launching Eric.

There is a lot of laughter, a lot of candid honesty and they share their thinking on the next move for Eric (which could involve Beyonce ğŸ¤ž).


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