LSE Limelight #31: Neurodiversity Week

Episode 105,  Mar 25, 2022, 10:36 AM

In this episode of LSE Limelight, we speak to LSESU Neurodivergents’ Student Officer Sam Crutcher about their experiences as a neurodivergent student at LSE, their time as the LSESU Neurodivergents’ Student Officer at LSE and…. MOST IMPORTANTLY the upcoming Neurodiversity week.

The full schedule being:
Monday 28th March
- Neurodiversity and Intersectionality 18:00-19:30

Tuesday 29th March 
- ND and Philosophy 14:00-15:30

-Show debate 18:30-20:00

Wednesday 30th March 
-Future of ND 18:00-19:30 

Thursday 31st March
-ND and the Law 14:00-15:30
-Universal Applicability 18:00-19:30

Friday 1st April 
-Documentary Showing 18:00-21:00

Stay tuned on the LSESU website for more information!

Hosted by Maisie Adair
Edited & Produced by Sachin Jhangiani