Melissa in the Morning: Sleep Deprived?

Mar 25, 2022, 02:01 PM

1. Whether the clocks changing, or your own anxiety keeps you up, how do we fix our sleep deprivation? Sleep medicine specialist, Dr. Christina Abavana shared her advice. ((00:10))
2. Cyber security expert, Damon Petraglia, says he feels positive about America’s cyber crime vulnerability. What makes him feel so confident about it and how can you best protect yourself online? ((16:06))
3. Yay, we got the gas tax holiday until June 30th…but what else? Senator Kevin Kelly shares what more can be done to relieve taxpayers in CT. ((23:05))
4. Governor Lamont made a proposal to bulk up our nursing workforce in CT. We heard from Marcia Proto, executive director of the CT League for Nursing, about this monumental proposal and what solutions lie ahead. ((36:22))

IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images Plus