Anxious & Afraid

Episode 21,  Mar 28, 03:21 AM

In this episode Katy and Kaylee do their best to tackle their relationship with anxious feelings while sober.

Did you know that alcohol is a depressant? While it may relieve the feeling of anxiety initially, it actually affects your brain's level of happiness chemicals; serotonin & dopamine. Hangxiety = Depletion of feel good chemicals post binge drinking. 

A HUGE reason we said goodbye to booze was to stave off anxious thoughts and feelings. But what happens when you’ve cut out the alcohol and you’re still struggling with anxiety? Is that normal?

Katy and Kaylee take a deeper dive into living a sober lifestyle while still experiencing feelings of anxiety. This episode covers the tools we’re using, our understanding of our own mental health, and how quitting alcohol didn’t solve all of our problems, but gives us the ability to start to dig in.  

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P.S. We are NOT licensed professionals and are HUGE advocates therapy. These are our own experiences and coping mechanisms, mental health is not one size fits all.