Lil' Burnout Babies

Episode 22,  Apr 11, 02:19 AM

In this episode Katy and Kaylee, go deeper into their experience with “Burn Out”. We know, we know.. it’s a hot word right now, but we promise it’s a good one!

No amount of skincare, Epsom salt baths, or WINE can provide enough relaxation to trick us into thinking that we’re not absolutely exhausted, especially when we’re in constant fight or flight mode. So don’t worry.. that’s not our solution. Honestly we’re not even sure that we have one!

Being alcohol free hasn’t reversed our burnout, but it’s given us the opportunity to get clear on what isn’t working in our lives anymore. Work without boundaries, hangover riddled “me” time, or shaming yourself into exercise...sound familiar?

Identify what's not working in your life, and turn it on it’s head. Reflect, breathe, and find resources to make the changes necessary. Respect your own time and be with yourself. Do the thing that scares you 👏🏼

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