Exploring: Christ's Resurrection

Episode 207,   Apr 17, 2022, 06:37 AM

A read through and discussion of the play of Christ's Resurrection

A read through and discussion of Christ's Resurrection, as seen on our YouTube exploring sessions in another of our occasional cross over episodes.

The play comes from the Digby manuscript - a collection of late medieval/early Tudor drama, this text dating to the first quarter of the 16th century, around 1520ish. This play is supposed to be played on Easter Day, following Christ's Burial which was performed on Good Friday - see previous episode.
With the reading talents of Lynn Freitas as Peter; Gregory Musson as Andrew; Alan Scott as John Evangelist; Liza Graham as Second Mary; Sarah Blake as Angel and Jesus; Alexandra Kataigida as Third Mary; Sascha Cooper as Magdalen.
The host was Robert Crighton. 
You can go to the video version of this episode here. If you want. It's pretty much exactly the same, just you can see our lips move - https://youtu.be/sgdnh3T0aqg

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