Outline Your Non-Negotiables with Laura "LJ" Johnson • 49ers

Season 1, Episode 81,   Apr 18, 2022, 10:00 AM

It's common to work long hours and many days without time off while working in sports.

LJ is a seasoned vet who has worked her way up from pee wee community leagues to the Super Bowl. She helped open the stadium in Phoenix, worked as a freelancer with Van Wagner, and is now with the 49ers. 

She takes PTO to freelance and work with other teams and venues to make new teammates and keep her skills sharp. 

We dive into work-life balance, the power of speaking up, and making sure you take care of you so you can show up and create memories for fans.

Links to work:

2021 Intro Video - https://twitter.com/49ers/status/1487832983495065603?s=20&t=lSMch75P2LJgXBmEgiZfLw
National Anthems - https://49ers.egnyte.com/fl/nJ93fms24Y#folder-link/