FEED DROP: Quest Laid Plans Teaser

Episode 62,   Apr 22, 2022, 04:42 PM

Hey, Ice Tea Podcast listeners! Meghan and Neda are launching a second podcast and we wanted to share the teaser with you! 

Quest Laid Plans is a D&D podcast about what comes after you’ve already saved the world once.

Episode one premieres on May 10 across all podcatcher platforms and YouTube.

Can an old party learn new tricks? Find out at questlaidplans.com



Game Master:
Meghan Kelleher @meghankelleher3

Maya S. Ming @mayascape
Neda Marie Valcheva @NedaMarie
Phil Arevalo @PhilAArevalo
Jesse B. Koehler @jb_koehler
Jamie Rose Hathaway @jamiedotrose

Creative Consultant:
Nicky Nenkov @nickynenkov

Character Artist:
Pamella Kokalova @pamellkaaa

Music: "Adventuring Guilt" copyright Meghan Kelleher, 2022.