A Worthwhile Chat, You Are Enough with Bharti Dhir

Season 3, Episode 14,   Apr 27, 2022, 05:01 PM

Welcome to season 3 of the mindfulness Pilates podcast, I’m Beverley Densham Pilates Teacher of over 24 years. I really look forward to bringing you tips to reduce back pain and feel good, relaxation, positive affirmations, and inspiration every week to inspire you in body and mind for more relaxation, stretching, core stability, back strength and happiness.

This weeks guest is Bharti Dhir, the author of a memoir called Worth, which was published on 9th March this year. Her story is about her dual African-Asian heritage and being abandoned at birth. Bharti was born in Uganda and adopted by a Sikh  Punjabi family.
In Worth she explores the experiences of racism, sexism and prejudicial attitudes towards illegitimacy in the 1960’s.
Bharti’s growing awareness of Angelic and Divine protection and spirituality is also highlighted in Worth.

Bharti moved to the U.K. in 1972 when Idi Amin ordered all Asians to leave Uganda. She moved with her widowed adoptive mother and two brothers and two sisters.
Worth, her memoir, tells of the experiences in the process of leaving Uganda and settling as refugees in the U.K. Bharti’s mother was ordered at gun point to leave her behind as the soldiers believed Bharti was  “one of them” referring to her African roots.

Bharti relates how she coped with health conditions such as Lupus and EB.
This memoir is a rollercoaster of experiences that bring our  sense of Worth up and those that bring our experiences down. The essential message is never give up on your dreams despite any negative experience.

Bharti fulfilled her dream of being a mother by adopting a little girl. She now works as a social worker in Child Protection.

Website: www.bhartidhir.com

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