Founder and Social Justice Attorney, Monica Ramirez of Justice for Migrant Women, Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, Co-Founder of Poderistas and The Latinx House is amplifying the Latinx community to the next level.

Season 3, Episode 33,   Apr 29, 2022, 05:04 PM

Monica Ramirez, Activist Organizer, Founder of Justice For Migrant Women, and Co-Founder of Poderistas, The Latinx House and Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, talks to us through her journey that inspired her to ask questions at a very young age to her migrant farm working parents, “why are farm workers not celebrated when it's time to work in the fields, but fisherman in our town are welcomed back with celebration?” She pursued that question to become  “ The Voice of The People” in her hometown newspaper at the age of 14 when someone gave her that shot to write a column that would give visibility to the farm workers who came every year. What started as her curiosity and passion for writing, led her to her life’s purpose as the daughter of migrant parents to be a social justice attorney for migrant farm workers and her projects, “The Humans That Feed Us” and her 15 year anniversary of “The Bandana Project”. Monica has also created pathways for change to the way Latinx is seen within the larger media lens, through The Latinx House and Poderistas, which has created a powerful advocacy circle of Latinas in Hollywood, such as America Ferrera, Eva Longoria, and Alexandria-Martinez Kondrake. As April is known as Sexual Assualt Awareness Month, (SAAM), she tells us of her protest letter for Time’s Up Movement, which was later published in Time Magazine as “Dear Sisters” that became the reached into Hollywood's  storytelling foundations, such as Sundance and Netflix, that will be creating more open door opportunities for the Latinx community to be the writers and producers of our own stories. We need to tell our own stories, and now is our time. Monica is listed on Time’s 100 list for 2021 and she is bringing us all with her. Muchas Gracias to Monica Ramirez and her teams for making this podcast possible for Latinas From The Block To The Boardroom and our audio engineer, Robert Lopez of to content editing and audio. -Theresa