The Birds Papaya - Body Confidence and the Journey of Self Love

Episode 13,   May 03, 2022, 09:22 AM

Today we have a very special episode of Diving In with Sarah Nicole Landry aka @TheBirdsPapaya. She is a creator, entrepreneur, podcast host and a Mom! Sarah is known for her vulnerable and transparent content where she aims to shatter beauty standards and help people love their bodies more through body confidence and self-love. 

In this episode we learn how her blog and Instagram took off, how she reframed her mindset to become friends with her body, and we connect on how fashion trends of the past hurt our confidence when we were young. 

We also discuss: 
• The importance of language when it comes to speaking about our bodies
• The fear of being judged by others 
• Body Confidence vs. Body Positivity

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