Chiara Grisorio on exposing the new meaning of team management

Episode 9,   May 04, 2022, 09:16 AM

Chiara Grisorio is an energetic and determined woman who was attracted to the snowboarding scene by it's aesthetics and she stayed to help make it better and give hard working riders what they deserve.

Chiara Grisorio is the women's Team Manager for Northwave and Drake as well as the filmer and right hand of operations at Rusty Toothbrush and the mother of little 8 month old India.

In this episode we talk a bit about everything from when he fell in love with snowboarding, how the Italian snowboard scene was back then and her vision on things is right now.

After just launching the first "unisex" snowboard and becoming the women's team manager at Drake & Northwave she also shares her vision on why this figure is needed, what the team managers and brands need to be aware of and how companies need to do things in order to promote equality in the sport and in their teams.

Having lived in a van for few years Chiara and her partner Alex are now the proud parents of baby India and she also talks about her ways to manage motherhood, family life, nomad life and professional life.

Chiara is energetic, opinionated, fun and relatable and this conversations showcases just that.

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