Melissa in the Morning: Wrap up for Session 2022

May 06, 2022, 01:51 PM

1. We asked Governor Lamont your latest state questions and did a wrap up from the legislative session since it ended earlier this week. ((00:10))
2. Lawmakers say $1.2 billion dollars could have gone back to the taxpayers if not for federal regulations. Senator Kelly says that’s not true and shared why he is disappointed with the new state budget. ((16:20))
3. Colon cancer is preventable and curable, but it also can be deadly and impact your liver. We talked to Dr. Charles Cha about it and why colonoscopies are essential. ((25:33))
4. A life-saving application is launching next weekend for Hartford Healthcare EMS workers. We learned about ‘Twiage’ and how it works. ((33:48))

IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images Plus