Between Two GM's - Death in Space

Episode 55,  May 12, 01:38 AM

In our latest installment of Between Two GMs, Nathan and Matt sit down to talk with Christian Plogfors & Carl Niblaeus, creators of the SCI-FI OSR Tabletop Roleplaying Game, DEATH IN SPACE.

In a universe that is collapsing on itself, where nothing is new, and your best friend is an oxygen tank and a roll of duct tape, Death in Space is a gritty sci-fi survival roleplaying game set in a dark future. Players try to survive in their home base, whether that is traveling the stars, looking for their next score or repair part in a ship or trying to make a home for themselves on a space station, Death in Space is an easy to get started, easy to play, and beautifully presented game.

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