225 - I'm too intense, is this why I have pain..? With Tanner Murtagh, MSW, RSW

May 12, 2022, 08:10 AM

Canada-Based Psychotherapist, Tanner Murtagh joins me today to talk through intensity and how intensity is a massive catalyst to chronic pain and illness.

Learn more about Tanner and his organization by going to https://www.painpsychotherapy.ca/our-team

Also, a couple of years ago I had the filmmakers for "This Might Hurt," on the podcast.  There is a screening coming up - check it out:

Pain Psychotherapy Canada would like to invite you for a screening of the documentary feature film This Might Hurt! This Might Hurt follows a Detroit-based doctor, Dr. Howard Schubiner, as he works with several chronic pain patients using a new, science-based treatment for calming the nervous system and unlearning pain. Tanner Murtagh and Dr. Schubiner will also be doing a free one-hour Q&A panel with the directors of the film on May 25th at 6pm MDT. Please join us for this panel presentation.

Dates for free screening: May 13th-28th
Time: Watch the film on your own time prior to the panel with Dr. Howard Schubiner, Tanner Murtagh, and film directors Kent Bassett and Marion Cunningham.

Please email Tanner Murtagh at tanner@painpsychotherapy.ca for screening and panel information and links.

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