Bikram Yoga is 90 Minutes of Body Part Realization! | a.k.a. What I Will Say to You If You Tell Me Your Hip Joint Hurts | Deep Attention to the Physical does NOT limit the yoga practice to the Physical

Season 5, Episode 8,  May 24, 11:30 AM

Some say - from the outside, or with insufficient experience - that Bikram Yoga is only - or dominantly, PHYSICAL.

But what we realize over time is that what people say about this practice reflects the level that they are working with at that time.  And that is perfectly fine, but it does not reflect the truth of the yoga practice.

Deep & sustained physical effort does NOT limit the yoga practice to the physical plane.

Over almost 20 years I have heard about from thousands (and experienced myself) MUCH MORE realization, growth, healing, and change on the mental, emotional, and other realms.

Yes, the human being has physical aspects.  Of course it does!
And in this yoga practice, we will explore every body part, realize every body part, test every system....

When you tell me your hip joint hurts, I will ask you 20 questions in response!

We will often start with the body part conversation, as that is the most accessible, and that which we have the best shared language for.

But that really is just the beginning.

Your attention and concentration powers will just sprout from there.
They have the potential to encompass every aspect of your life.
They need not remain on the physical body.
This is up to you.

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