Modern contact lens practice – The CLEAR way forward

Episode 19,   May 17, 2022, 08:00 AM

Fitting contact lenses might be a straightforward task, but modern contact lens practice  is constantly evolving. Last year, the British Contact Lens Association released a series of reports, called CLEAR, to help harness the most recent contact lens research and modernise contact lens practice, in an evidence-based manner. In this episode, Michelle Hanratty discusses the CLEAR reports’ findings with Professor James Wolffsohn, the Executive Chair of the CLEAR reports and Head of Optometry at Aston University. Michelle also discusses the resources that can put theory into practice with Neil Retallic, President of the British Contact Lens Association, and she puts optometrists’ questions to him, following his Docet webinar

This podcast will provide some highlights of the research, but is primarily aimed at encouraging further reading. You can find the full CLEAR reports in the Contact Lens and Anterior Eye journal, the Summary report on the BCLA’s website or summaries of each individual report, published by Contact Lens Update.

This episode covers the GOC domains:  Communication and Clinical Practice. Docet - dedicated to providing high quality, continuing professional development to all UK registered optometrists.