Emergency, The Innocents, Benediction, Chip 'n' Dale, A-Ha: The Movie

Episode 132,  May 19, 08:47 PM

This week, understudy host Matt Maytum is joined by Leila Latif and Matthew Leyland to discuss and review a varied selection of new film releases. Includes talk of CGI surgery, a college comedy with unexpected heft, and some really rather terrifying children.

00.00– 07.00 Intro and the panel’s picks of the week.

07.05 – 14.10 Review of Emergency

14.15 – 20.50 Review of Benediction

20.55 – 31.15 Review of The Innocents

31.20 – 38.10 Review of A-Ha The Movie

38.15 – 43.40 Review of Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers

43.35 – 49.00 What movie scared you the most as a kid? Followed by Outro