War and Peace: Living Buddhism in Poland

Episode 431,   May 21, 2022, 10:44 AM

A conversation from the frontiers of compassion and response to the world's sorrows as two friends from Poland greet Ukrainian refugees caught up in the war with Russia.

When tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees began to cross the border with Poland, the Triratna community at Krakow Buddhist Centre got involved with the same great generosity that has marked the Polish people's response to war flaring up uncomfortably close to home.

In this episode we hear from Saddhajala and Nityabandhu on the ground in Krakow—not just about the war in Ukraine but about how Buddhist practice has enabled them to meet the crisis and try to bring to life "a blueprint for a new world". By turning their Centre into a place of refuge they have been able to help with families seeking shelter and live out their own ideals. It has made a difference.

A moving conversation about practical love and a community of friends finding new cultural expression for Buddhism in their own language as a way to get ready to meet the worst of the world with the best of it. And save Simon the bulldog!

Show notes
Sanghaloka - Buddhism in Krakow and Warsaw (Polish)

Sanghaloka -  Buddhism in Krakow and Warsaw (English)

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