Left to Die | Lacey Fletcher & Valerie Wallach

May 26, 2022, 04:00 AM

Lacey Fletcher’s childhood, growing up in Slaughter, Louisiana seemed to be fairly normal.  She played volleyball and had a close group of friends.  There are public photos of a smiling Lacey taken from her yearbook and neighbors recall interacting with her and seeing her regularly out exercising.

When Lacey reached the age of 14, something happened.  Her parents withdrew her from school and allegedly began to home school her.  They have said that she was diagnosed with autism and her condition became more severe around this time.

Nobody saw Lacey in public for over a decade.  Her mother Sheila called 911 in January 2022 to report that Lacey was unresponsive on the couch.  When authorities arrived, they were met with the most horrific scene they had ever encountered. 'I have been a sheriff for six years, and I have had a lot of things happen here in East Feliciana Parish, but this type of scene, this is by far the worst,' Sheriff Jeffery Travis said. 

Lacey had essentially been left to rot and die on the couch in her home.  Her mother has said she refused to get up to use the bathroom, so she lay in her own excrement for years.  The details of Lacey’s sad death are so horrific that medical staff were on hand to treat jurors after they saw photos of the scene. 

In this episode of the True Crime Society Podcast, we discuss the deaths of Lacey Fletcher and Valerie Wallach.  Both women were left to die in agony in their own homes.

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