Lightbulb Moment 14: Levi Roots, founder of Reggae Reggae Sauce on how to find who you truly are

May 26, 04:00 AM

How do you know who you truly are? It’s one of life's hardest questions isn’t it, and is a quest that can often only be solved with time and perseverance as we explore life’s path. 

This week’s lightbulb moment was sparked by Holly’s live interview with Levi Roots. Renowned for founding Reggae Reggae Sauce, Levi shares his experience of growing up, not truly knowing who he was or what his purpose might be – and reveals how changing his name, changed the direction of his life. 

Their conversation really triggered a lightbulb moment for Holly as she began to reflect on who she became throughout her business journey founding notonthehighstreet, and how by focusing on everything other than you, can often mean that you lose your authentic self along the way. 

Holly shares the hurdles and flaws she has had to overcome, in order to really understand who she is and explains why it’s so important to not only know, but also love yourself – especially when you are such a key part of your brand.

It certainly hasn’t been an easy ride for Holly or Levi, but for anyone feeling a little lost with their identity, this is a moment that we think might just help you on your path to finding happiness – which comes from knowing your true self. 

As one of ten very special episodes, Holly is also joined by Tash Grossman, founder of Slip and member of Dell’s Women's Entrepreneur Network, who has shared her very own Lightbulb Moment, too. 

You can listen to Levi Root’s full episode here

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