Meghan Linsey - Growth Through Transformation

Episode 17,   May 31, 2022, 09:22 AM

Our guest on Diving In is Meghan Linsey, the runner-up on season 8 of The Voice, formerly in the successful country duo Steel Magnolia, and currently crushing it as a soul-country singer in Nashville, Tennessee.

In recent years Meghan has used her voice and platform to speak out against injustices, even kneeling while singing the national anthem on live TV at an NFL game. We go in depth with her about her music journey, how she deals with trolls, as well as speaking about the trauma she endured in the music industry. *Trigger warning - this episode does talk about sexual assault.

We also discuss:
-Being bold and authentically yourself
-The in’s and out’s of being on The Voice
-Meghan’s birth chart read by Marissa

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