Tinuke Awe - Five x More, Mums and Tea

Season 3, Episode 1,   Jun 14, 2022, 04:00 AM

What a way to start season three of the podcast!

Absolutely honoured to be joined by the brilliant Tinuke Awe – social entrepreneur who is passionate about all things Black motherhood. She was named British Vogue force for change in 2021 for her work with the Five x More campaign which calls for overdue improvements in Black maternal health in the UK. Tinuke is also the founder of Mums and Tea, a social platform for Black mothers which has over a 12,000 strong community.

There’s also one more to add to the mix - Learning with Ez is the home of resources to support Black parents navigate through the experiences of parenting a neurodiverse child. And yep, she did the impossible and found time in her day
to chat!

Tinuke shares her story, how she manages her boundaries when the platforms she runs are so close to home, her hopes for Black mothers and the empowering and protective way she shares the stories of others. You can also find Tinuke on Instagram here.