Let The Women: Roberta Blevins on Living & Leaving LulaRoe

Jun 02, 10:00 AM

When Roberta Blevins casually bought a pair of buttery soft, printed leggings from a fellow young mom on Facebook, she never could have imagined the journey that would follow. The rise and fall of LulaRoe –a multi-level marketing company that denies allegations of being a pyramid scheme and still exists today– coincided with Roberta’s experience, carrying her up the Lula-ranks and back down again when she discovered the dark side of direct sales. Come along, hun! We're deconstructing the lifestyle of the Almighty Girlboss.

This episode is part of a ten-part series called Let The Women Do The Work. Join host Gillian Pensavalle as she follows the stories of ten dynamic, inspiring, badass women in true crime.

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