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Season 2, Episode 7,  Jun 06, 2022, 10:02 PM

Today, I am joined by journalist and entrepreneur Ellen Heinrichs. She is the founder and CEO of the Bonn Institute for Journalism and constructive dialog which supports solutions-oriented journalism by working with media companies and research institutes to analyze the impact of constructive approaches. I met Ellen more than a decade ago when we both worked for Deutsche Welle. She helped found the internal network DW Minds and the DW Innovation Lab. She was the first German to be a fellow at the Constructive Institute at Aarhus University in Denmark.

Some key takeaways:
  • constructive journalism has three components:
    • it is solution-oriented which means that throughout the journalistic process, a critical look at solutions is taken 
    • it enriches journalism with more perspectives - it is supposed to be more nuanced and therefore less polarizing
    • journalism contributes to constructive debates in society by e.g. asking different questions that trigger vivid dialog
  • we need to add more skills into our journalistic toolbox
    • critical thinking doesn't always mean negative thinking
    • potential solutions can activate resources that are already there - solutions-focus can be more helpful for the future whereas negative talk can create only problems
    • systemic thinking - typical storytelling of focusing on conflict and having a hero need to be questioned
  • we need to tell different stories that do not stress people but resonate with their resources. journalism should activate them and help them think about what they can actually do
  • journalism should be a service profession - providing public with information they need
  • journalism is not just about telling stories but also listening to what's relevant
  • Bonn Institute offers workshops, conduct studies and brings attention to the topic of constructive journalism at conferences and events

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