Melissa in the Morning: If it passes, then what?

Jun 08, 01:37 PM

1. Lawmakers are under pressure to pass gun laws. But will they really make a difference? UNH professor and former Lt. Lisa Dadio shares her professional perspective on the state of our country and how to tackle mass shootings. ((00:10))
2. An alarming report shows there has been a drastic increase in calls to poison control centers across the US because kids are taking too much melatonin. Sleep medicine expert, Dr. Abavana, shares what the problem is and how to combat it. ((19:39))
3. A Westport vet adopted a blind, deaf, pink puppy…named him Piglet, and the rest is history! Learn all about this inspiring local dog and how he is helping thousands of children learn about acceptance and resiliency. For more information: ((33:14))

IMAGE CREDIT: iStock / Getty Images Plus