Latitude 33:The Happiest (and Deadliest) Place on Earth - Hr.3

Season 3, Episode 105,   Oct 12, 2008, 04:00 AM

Darkness Radio welcomes in Walter Bosley for the last ytwo hours of the show for a very intriguing show about an amusement park that is very close to everyone's heart, ley lines, mysteries, and nefarious goings-on! 

Walter Bosley has been employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is an inactive reserve officer in the US Air Force for which he served as a Special Agent of the AFOSI while on active duty, and then worked as a counterterrorism operational consultant for six years following military service. 

Bosley conducted an investigation into arcane science and engineering at the world's most famous theme park. Was there an inter-dimensional portal that influenced psychic perception of visitors and allowed beings to enter across time and space?