How to Transcend, to Know All, to See All and Have Unlimited Power

Episode 313,   Jun 13, 2022, 06:00 PM

Steven and Meg discuss becoming one with Spirit.  Steven tells us how Jesus did what he did, and how we can do the same things, “There is unlimited power available to us when we become one with higher consciousness.  When we transcend the egoic state of imaginations, the state of competition, and human suffering, there is unlimited power available to succeed in everything you put your hand to. The power of mindful transcendence is within every human being.  We are all of the same stuff.  We are all of the same mind of higher consciousness.  Now you may not use it.  Which is your right of being, but nevertheless, the power of transformative consciousness, the mind of one, is within you now.  Jesus credited all of His creative power to the awareness he had—of a relationship that existed between Himself and the term He used, the Father.  Which He used interchangeably with that of God.”

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