Lynn Patner, The Awakened Soul - Intuition, Premonition, Intention

Jun 19, 10:41 PM

Our mindsets are shaped and programmed by our earliest years of life, and serve as our personal life compass. In order to affect meaningful changes in our life, we must learn and become aware of our unconscious programming to step into the life we desire. - Lynn Patner

"Love the fact that your book is shining a light on how everyone has a core wound of not being enough and I want to thank you for your invaluable contribution." - Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Hear Lynn's backstory about the Jack Canfield endorsement. And watch the video of their conversation on her website. The last thing she expected was to be shut down by an anxiety attack.

When she points to synchronicity as having been a running theme throughout her life,  it is no surprise this interview coincided with Father's Day.

The Awakened Soul: Discovering the Light Within, Amazon

Amazon Review (edited for length) - "I loved this book! Many of us are still healing from dysfunctional childhoods and/or damaging relationships during adulthood. Lynn Patner shares her own life experiences relating how angels, mentors and guides have helped light the way to spiritual self-discovery and potential. Her anecdotes are candid, insightful and often hilarious, illustrating how each of us can shape our future through our beliefs and intentions and discarding old beliefs that no longer serve us."

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