My Transgender Daughter Kiera Returns for Another Interview

Season 3, Episode 24,   Jun 24, 2022, 11:18 PM

Esperanza's transgender daughter joins her again for Pride Month in a celebration of mother daughter honesty that's both touching and hilarious. Kiera updates listeners on what she's been up to since the last interview. You might just learn a few things.

My amazing transgender daughter Kiera volunteered to come back on for what has become our annual Pride Month podcast interview. Kiera updates listeners on the big changes in her life since last year and what's going on with her partner Kaynah as well. We get in depth about the differences between gender and sexuality, what it means to be pansexual and polyamorous, and how dialectical behavioral therapy is improving her life. My daughter and I share a beautifully honest relationship that's both touching and hilarious. Some of the sexual revelations in this episode are very explicit. You've been warned. We even delve into the mysterious culture of furries and your assumptions may be way off base. There's so much to unpack here. Enjoy!