Rebecca Candy - Change Manager and Parent Network Co-Chair

Season 3, Episode 6,   Jul 19, 2022, 04:00 AM

For the final episode of the series I had the pleasure of chatting to Becky Candy – an utterly brilliant advocate for supporting parents in the workplace. By day Becky is a change manager and co-chair of the parent network at her employer, and by… well the rest of the day… Becky is a solo parent to her son and currently navigating her own diagnosis of autism. 

In a recent LinkedIn post Becky described her own experience of ‘taking off the mask’ in sharing her diagnosis, and it was incredible to read. Becky shares very generously her first hand experiences of being neurodiverse when you’re a parent and her reflections on what it’s meant in the workplace.  

One of the mic drop moments for me was when Becky said that she’d never really shared what she needs and has spent a lot of time walking towards what others require – and the power of meeting in the middle. 

We also spent time unpicking some of the negative narrative we can tell ourselves about our uniqueness, and how they genuinely can be what set us apart and power us. It was one heck of a conversation!