My Top 7 Tips For Soothing Pain

Episode 15,  Jul 04, 07:00 AM

In this episode I share with you my top 7 tips for soothing pain. These can be used for period pain, PMS or PMDD pain, endometriosis pain, ovulation pain, or any other chronic pain such as fibromyalgia or an unexplained pain condition you have.

Pain is both an emotional and a physical experience that causes a lot of suffering for many people. Pain can come with stress, anxiety, grief, or fear of the pain itself.

However there is a lot we can do to both prevent pain and to down-regulate the nervous system to support our body in coming out of pain or to take the edge off the experience.

My top tips include an in-depth discussion on painkillers, very specific breathing exercises for pain, mantras, suggestions for movement and exercises, herbs, nervous system regulation tools and tips for supporting our emotions.

Have a go and let me know what you think!

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