The Shadow

Jul 04, 04:03 AM

The second annual Hot Dave’s Summer Film Fest continues as we learn what evil lurks in the hearts of men with…The Shadow!

The second annual Hot Dave’s Summer Film Fest rolls on – but what kind of summer movie season would it be without the obligatory superhero film? I’m your host, Dave, and joining me as we don our cloaks and strap on our dual pistol shoulder holsters are fellow cinephiles and agents of The Shadow: Mike, Jackie, Ryan, and Cody.

Listen as we discuss how The Shadow was one of the biggest box office bombs of the 90s (at least until Waterworld); we breakdown the Shadow’s face, which looks like the unholy union of Robert De Niro and Liam Neeson; and finally, a heated debate ensues as to why Tim Curry enters the seemingly empty sphere room in the second act: was a scene simply cut that explains his presence there or am I just going crazy pointing out a problem with the film that doesn’t exist? You be the judge!

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Hot Dave’s Summer Film Fest will continue with us trying our best to stay dry as we watch the 1984 romantic comedy Splash. Be there!!!