SME Podcast: Unlocking growth through global trade

Jul 05, 2022, 05:00 AM

In this session, recorded 23 June 2022, we explore how increased engagement in international markets through exporting has the potential to create significant business and growth opportunities for SMEs, including the value of exporting for SMEs and what the CBI is doing to support them, first-hand insights into exporting, resources to support SMEs with exporting and a case study from Plum Products on how they have successfully exported and access international markets and what it’s meant for the business.

Joining the CBI' Chief Commercial Officer, Deborah Fraser, are: 

  • Will McGarrigle, Head of Global Trade, CBI 
  • Abi Brodie, Vice President, Sales, DHL Express UK
  • Philip James, International Sales Director, Plum Products
Supporting resources: